Fiber Art Festival Showcases Unique Skills

The Fiber Arts Festival Is Held at the Red River Fair Grounds

WEST FARGO, N.D.– The Fiber Arts Festival provides the opportunity to shop, learn new fiber techniques, and witness talented artists at work. The event gives people the chance to create fiber art in a relaxed and and informal setting friendly to those who are advanced in the arts or just want to learn from the area’s best. People gathered at the West Fargo fairgrounds to share their creations and crafts with the community. Fiber arts enthusiast Rene Omlid sells handmade totes and baskets from Africa. Omlid and her family have been attending the festival for eight years.

“They have opportunities to sit and learn you can learn how to make your own lace, you can learn how to do different things and spend family time together and then seeing what people create also by themselves and enjoying the day with their family,” said Omlid.

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