UND plays a small part in Artemis I rocket

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) – A University of North Dakota assistant professor helped make space flight system components on the Artemis One rocket whose launch had to be postponed.

Dr. Keith Crisman worked on the project during an internship with Marshall Space Flight Center in 2012.

The Chair of the UND Space Studies program, Dr. Pablo De Leon, was at Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the scheduled Artemis launch. It was scrubbed because of issues with cooling one of its four engines. The rocket is set to take flight on Friday.

“It’s not just our gateway to the moon. It’s to go beyond that, right? We want to go to mars eventually. A great place to test those systems and to test procedures is going to be when we’re closer to home,” Crisman said.

There are dummies inside the rocket that have radiation sensors.

Crisman believes projects like these can make our country once again a space superpower.

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