New Beer rule has NDSU fans extra hype for tailgates

Can you believe it's football season already? Before the big game you have to kick things off with tailgate. and Bison Nation says their tailgates are like no other!

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Fans come out in bunches to kick off the new football season, the energy is contagious at tailgate, and these fans are expecting another special season!

It is week one and people in Fargo are packing the FargoDome as the Bison are getting ready to take on Drake university it should be a great game, food, fun, games, at tailgate right now, and the big thing Bison fans can drink beer on the inside now, and that is something stirring up extra excitement about this year.”

Students are excited to be back to see friends they haven’t seen in months, they have a new appreciation for tailgating, seniors tell me they remember what it was like when tailgating was limited and completely closed cause of covid.

Burgers, bratwursts, and beer are three mainstays of tailgate and you’ll see plenty of that, fans have grown accustomed to winning and the energy at tailgate reflects that. Kids are running around being raised as the new generation of Bison nation, while others have been at it for years.

“Opening game we didn’t know what it would be like so we just got the speakers, some of our favorite tunes going and a bunch of friends here,” said Pat Thomas, NDSU fan.

“Roll Herd!!!,” said Bryanna Benavides, and Jasmine Johnson, NDSU students.

“We’ve got some burgers we got brats, we got Bison bars, we got everything,” said Benavides & Johnson.

“We love to go tailgating when we were Freshmen, obviously Covid hit but now it’s back to normal, it feel way better now that it’s back to normal a little bit,” said Justin Casalani, NDSU student.

“Vibes are good, we’re chilling, having some food, drinking some beer. Just getting out seeing friends that you haven’t seen for a long time, and meeting up with them and having a good time,” said Peyton Sell, NDSU fan.

“My stache, me and my roommate started this just randomly in our dorms, it was like our neighbors kept coming by, we were like we’ll draw a mustache on, here’s my roommate Sarah. Two staches are better than one,” said Elle Sorenson, NDSU student.

And all you keep hearing is three two one, go Bison!!!

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