NDSU put on a dominant performance in their season opener win over Drake, 56-14

They got production from all three levels, offense defense and special teams.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)-Everybody I’m Brandon Blakney here with Adam Chalifoux for our post game recap for NDSU Bison football, they have just taken on Drake. The Bulldogs came in an underdog and well the Bison dominated Adam.

Yea 56-14 Brandon that is domination pretty much by definition. It was an interesting game though

Drake comes out and punches them in the mouth but NDSU able to respond. We talk about special teams especially getting some momentum going.

Absolutely and you look at it they have the blocked punt as well as the return from Jaden Price. It was a 14-7 game before those special teams kicked in, Adam I think it’s fair to say they provided a spark.

Jaden Price you know zipping down the sidelines, you kind of saw his eyes get big, he knew he had some room to gallop. He just had to show off that speed, the kid clearly has got wheels.

Absolutely we’re looking at it 37 rushing attempts, 274 yards, five or six ball carriers carried the ball. We knew about Kobe Johnson, we knew about Hunter Luepke who came in and scored a touchdown. What did you see from the backfield.

Well Dominic Gonnella was a huge key and to have him healthy it just adds to the already super impressive depth in the backfield.

Last year this was a team that was already number two in the nation as far as rushing goes last season, and you just add another weapon, a very dynamic weapon, a very versatile running back and so Coach Entz and the Bison got to be thrilled with what he brought.

Then of course Hunter Luepke just get out of the way, or maybe make sure you have really good health insurance cause that guy is going to hurt you.

The Bulldogs came in with a quarterback that Entz mentioned, a dual threat, they sacked him three times, how do you think they controlled the line of scrimmage.

Well we kind of knew that the defensive line was going to have to do their job if NDSU did get up to a good lead early on, which they winded up doing, and then it’s just about putting pressure on the quarterback and once they were able to start doing that, getting after it you know you have the fumble scooped up for a touchdown by Will Mostaert.

You get some sacks in there and they really had the Bulldogs kind of running for their lives a few times, in particular the quarterback, and I think that’s what flustered the offense.

We’re going to have to hear from Coach Entz, he was happy with the teams performance,

they came out a bit sluggish but really picked it up, and it seemed like he was appreciative of the way they controlled the controllables, something he spoke about earlier in the week

“Minus the first series or so I thought the effort was there, I thought some of the execution was there, were there some flaws in techniques and fundamentals, probably especially in the second half. We were playing a number of young guys, we dressed more guys today than we normally have, really the big three penalties, I think we had one offsides, I know we had a probably a couple celebration penalties at different times, but you know I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over the pass interference. I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over the blocks in the back, because at some point those are effort penalties as well,” said NDSU Head Coach Matt Entz.

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