“Hockeyland” skates into F-M region with a September 20th premiere

Fargo Docs will screen the documentary Tuesday at 7pm at Fargo Theatre.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Texas Football has Friday Night Lights but Minnesota has Hockeyland.

“Hockeyland” is about Minnesota high school seniors competing for one last chance to etch their names into local glory. Fargo Docs will host the premiere Tuesday night at Fargo Theatre.

“One of the coolest things about ‘Hockeyland’ is that it was actually filmed in northern Minnesota by northern Minnesota producers. It’s really exciting. Tommy Haines, the director, will actually be joining us in Fargo for the premiere of it. In addition to that, a couple of the star players from the documentary will also be joining us for the Q&A,” Fargo Docs Executive Producer Max Kringen said.

From the local rinks to the NHL, Minnesota is the heartland of hockey, creating more skaters than any other state.

The documentary is a decade in the making and follows two teams from rival schools. One, the emerging dynasty, the other school celebrates a fabled past amid uncertain futures.

Eveleth, a northeast Minnesota town, is now half of its former size and the economy is dwindling, but the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame remains. Every U.S. men’s hockey team has at least one player from Eveleth.

Meanwhile, Hermantown has sky-high expectations year after year, but most seasons end with players looking forward to next season’s revenge.

“Minnesota has a rich history of hockey. I think one of the coolest things about the producers that created ‘Hockeyland’, they created one a few years ago that ESPN called one of the most important documentaries in hockey history. We’re really excited to bring the producers, the directors of ‘Hockeyland’ here to premiere in a town that really loves hockey,” Kringen said.

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