NDSU students giving back to the community

NDSU students are sharing the homecoming spirit all week all across the metro, volunteering at various businesses and establishments.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Students say the event adds even more camaraderie and unity between NDSU and the community

“Homecoming is a great time, we get alumni coming back on campus, you get a lot more people really excited about NDSU in general. So when you get to see students going out into the community during homecoming week, it just grows that bond that much stronger,” said Zach Brusseau, NDSU Volunteer Network, Event Coordinator.

About 150 NDSU students signed up to give back.

“I feel like our biggest motivation is we get to see everyday how much Fargo Moorhead area connects with our campus and helps us out, so the fact that we can encourage students to kind of go out and repay some of that through volunteering in the community, that’s definitely our biggest motivation,” said Brusseau.

“Well personally I like doing local charities and I think that seeing the impact on the community right here in Fargo Moorhead area is the best part to me,” said Dayton Fiddler, Community Outreach Specialist, NDSU Volunteer Network.

They tell me its a chance to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

“We have volunteers everywhere from the Red River Zoo to First Link, to Bonanzaville, and upstairs in the Memorial Union we’re doing Project Linus,” said Fiddler.

This group of students with Project Linus is making blankets with some pretty awesome designs for kids in need. It’s a crucial time as we head into the colder months.

“If we’re able to reach out to them with something warm or at least try to keep them as warm as possible throughout the winter I think that makes a huge difference,” said Brusseau.

Brusseau says the event is bringing joy to the community.

“Everyone that we have been in contact with has absolutely loved it, they’ve been super excited to see the number of students coming their way,” said Brusseau.

“Yea for example we were at First Link earlier today and they were just so excited to give us the cards that the students are going to be writing today, it feels good to see everyone happy about it,” said Fiddler.

The students say they’re having a blast spreading the Bison spirit.

“Seeing the students leave campus with smiles on their face and coming back with smiles on their face too, knowing they did what they could to benefit our community in a small way,” said Brusseau.

They want to see volunteering open up to anyone in the community who wants to give back in the future.

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