Commissioners Respond To Harsh Statements During Downtown Fargo Safety Talk

Fargo Comm 100422

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR/KFGO) — Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn raised some anger at last night’s meeting during a discussion about the need for safety downtown.

Piepkorn shared a story about calling 911 on two very intoxicated Native Americans sleeping next to his building downtown.

He says police came and rousted them and he followed them to see where they went and it was to the Engagement Center, in the former police headquarters.

Piepkorn called the center “enabling” and said it has to go.

“The people that need help, that want help, we help them,” said Piepkorn.

“The people who don’t you know what they should do during the day? Get a job! How’s that?”

The comments caught the ire of fellow commissioners including Denise Kolpack who said Piepkorn’s comments violated the code of conduct oath commissioners take.

“I think we should have a conversation that’s based on fact and not opinion,” said Kolpack.

“Um, and I, I, sorry. We all take an oath to a code of conduct when we are sworn in to this position and as mayor you have responsibility to uphold that code of conduct.”

Mayor Tim Mahoney reminded Piepkorn that he ‘vowed to do better’ and said the commission needs to keep to ‘facts and figures.’

Piepkorn has said he wants a larger police presence downtown to crack down on what he calls harassment and aggressive panhandlers.



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