ND Farm Bureau & ND Farmers Union against term limits measure

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) — North Dakota Farm Bureau and North Dakota Farmers Union are collaborating against an initiated measure for term limits for state leaders.

If measure 1 passes, the constitutional amendment would limit the governor to two four-year terms in office and state legislators to eight years in the House and eight years in the Senate. As of now, elected leaders serve four-year terms with no restrictions on length of service.

Both parties are urging people to vote “no” on the measure in November.

The Farm Bureau President says the groups believe term limits put more power into the hands of professional lobbyists and career bureaucrats.

“As these people term out in other states, we find that replacing good, rural agricultural type folks gets tougher and tougher every time we term someone out. That’s coming right from people in states that have term limits that are very concerned about the direction they’re going and the representation that they receive,” President of the North Dakota Farm Bureau Daryl Lies said.

He says the state government putting restrictions on farmers is one of the biggest issues they face because of increasing input costs.

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