New York Times writer takes a “completely unexpected” trip to Fargo

Danielle Braff said in a Zoom interview that she thought it would be funny to visit Fargo; now she would love to come back

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A New York Times writer visits Fargo and is surprised by what she found when she got here.

Danielle Braff and her 13-year-old daughter planned a trip to Fargo because of their love for crime stories and associated the city with the movie.

Her article describing their journey was published this morning, called “Geez, Even Fargo Has Gone Upscale.”

Braff wrote in her article that the two expected a “sleepy community” but when they got here, they were wrong.

One of the things that she says impressed her the most was the food.

She also loved the small town atmosphere.

Braff says, “So we took a bar class and then later that night, we went to the ice cream spot and bumped into someone from the bar class. So it was just this adorable, small town with so many little amenities, like we couldn’t believe it.”

Braff says she would love to return to Fargo and wants to bring her husband next time.

She calls it, “an easy trip.”

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