ND Senate debate turns into a verbal boxing match

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The North Dakota Senate debate moderated by Prairie Public got very heated, especially when the candidates discussed inflation.

Democrat Katrina Christiansen believes fighting price gouging and breaking away from OPEC changing the oil industry will help stave off inflation.

Senator John Hoeven says improving supply and fighting Biden’s tax and spend policies will improve markets.

Dr. Rick Becker wants to cut spending and touts his A rating from the American Conservative Union for taxes, budget and spending.

“John wants to pay the blame game. He’s always talking about Biden. Well, let’s talk about deficit spending during the Trump administration. He greenlit $7.8 trillion worth of spending,” ┬áChristiansen said.

“By helping small businesses by cutting the regulation, the bureaucracy and the red tape. Those are the things that will increase supply and that’s what’s going to help us meet the demand and reduce inflation,” Hoeven said.

“Even under Biden you voted for his $1 trillion fake green new deal infrastructure bill. This has been a detriment and contributes to inflation,” Becker said.

Hoeven hammered Becker asking how people can believe the plastic surgeon will keep his word when he promised he wouldn’t run for Senate if he lost the GOP endorsement. Becker then ran as an independent.

Becker defended himself saying he’s a Republican State Representative from Bismarck and will fight for conservative values.

“Go check your filing,” Hoeven said.

Hoeven and Becker chastised Christiansen for her liberal policies effectively saying she’d be a rubber stamp for the Biden administration.

Christiansen questioned why Hoeven would want to help reduce energy prices since he is a millionaire with investments in oil.

The New York Times reports Hoeven bought $300,000 to $600,000 in oil and power company stocks in 2019 while he was a member of two energy-related committees. The newspaper says in 2020, he moved all of his stock holdings into a blind trust. Hoeven has investments in ExxonMobil, Chevron, Exelon, Marathon Petroleum and Schlumberger.

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