Turkey costs rise due to avian flu

UNITED STATES (KVRR) — It might cost you a little more to serve turkey this Thanksgiving.

Nearly seven million birds have been infected with avian flu in the past year leading to lower production and increased costs.

The average price for a pound was just under $4.50 in March now sits at $6.70. The costs spiked when the avian flu was first detected after March.

Experts say you can still find turkey at your local supermarket as the shortage is a bigger problem for ranchers and other turkey producers.

“We’ve lost seven million birds but from the entire realm of things maybe down about 7 percent in production this year. For the individual turkey producer that it hits is just devastating because all of their birds have to be depopulated,” North Dakota State University Extension Livestock Economist Tim Petry said.

Petry says to pay attention to advertising as he predicts a bargain on turkeys this year.

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