16th annual Fill the Dome returns to Fargodome

The 16th annual Fill the Dome is back at the Fargodome since COVID-19 forced schools to participate remotely.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Hundreds of students from elementary to high school and local leaders partner with the Great Plains Food bank in the annual Fill the Dome campaign.

“This is the first year since, I believe, 2019 we’ve been able to be back in the dome following COVID and just some issues with the flooring here, we haven’t been able to have the full extent of this event. Specifically today, we’re going to be packing up all the food that our F-M schools sent in. We get to send everything to the food banks today and pretty much, immediately families in need in the F-M area will be receiving this on their tables,” said Bayley Scott, a member of the Metro Area Student Ambassadors.

“It is absolutely incredible to see how our students come together, fill the dome floor with food. This year is really important because we’re coming off of COVID, the need has increased, our food donations have decreased and more and more people need us than ever before,” said Melissa Sobolik, the CEO of the Great Plains Food Bank.

The Great Plains Food Bank will distribute the food items to their partners across the region.

An educator at West Fargo schools has been part of the event for more than 5 years and shares how much being involved means to him.

“I work in an elementary school in West Fargo and I see the food bank come in on Thursdays and they bring food bags for our kids to take home over the weekend. I told the group last night that’s the first thing I think of when I look on the dome floor. I think of my students that this food will go to feed,” said Jacob Anderson.

Since 2007, Fill the Dome has collected more than 2.4 million pounds of food and nearly $700,000 in donations.

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