Travelers share what they’re looking forward to this Thanksgiving

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Many people are still traveling by plane to see their families so they can celebrate Thanksgiving.

I’m not a turkey lover and Thanksgiving kind of revolves around the turkey, but I love all the green bean casserole, the corn, the pies. Not sure if we’ll have the traditional since we will be with my bachelor son, but certainly be missing mom’s home cooking,” said Dawn Johnson

“Pumpkin Pie, stuffing…” said Granville Aranda. “I’m looking forward to, since we’re going to New York, the pizza. I would die for that,” said John Aranda.

If you were one of the many air travelers hitting the region’s airports, you probably had plenty of company.

The TSA expects to screen up to around 2 point 5 million passengers across the nation.

An executive at Hector International Airport says the planes have been filling up with flyers all day and busy flights should continue through Monday.

“Our passenger loads, you know, we’ve been up in the upper 80s to low 90s as far as the load factors. So, people are filling the seats which the carriers like and we’ll be in that form hopefully, probably until about mid-April. Passenger traffic is rebounding. Although, it’s leisure instead of business traffic by and large. We’re catching up from the pandemic and hoping our increased passenger trend will continue,” said Hector International Airport Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein.

Travelers say they’re excited for a chance to celebrate with their families and a time to reflect on blessings.

“We’re going to see family. We’re actually headed to New York out of here. It’ll be fun. Yeah, maybe go around the state too, kinda see what’s around.” John & Granville Aranda

“We are flying to Boise, Idaho. My daughter, husband and I to see our son. I think it’s just a wonderful time of year where we pause to celebrate our blessings. I think, being in our busy lives, sometimes we forget to be grateful for all we have. Thankful for family and excited to be able to spend time with them,” Johnson said.

Dobberstein says Hector International Airport is nearly reaching pre-pandemic numbers.

Travelers should keep an eye on weather conditions wherever you are, especially if you have a connecting flight.

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