Heating Safety Tips for the Winter Months

WEST FARGO, N.D. — With the chilly weather just beginning, it’s important to keep your home warm and safe for the winter months.

As temperatures decline, the demand for electricity and heaters is rising.

Space heaters and portable electric heaters can be a valuable source for extra warmth during the cold winter months, but your safety should be a priority when using them.

“If using a space heater this winter, you always want to make sure to directly plug into an outlet. Try to avoid using extension cords especially. Make sure that if you do have to use an extension cord, that it’s uncoiled (untangled), so the heat does not build up on the line,” West Fargo Fire Department Fire Investigator John Kneeb said.

It’s very important to keep your space heater and propane tank away from any objects which may cause fires.

“Make sure that you have three feet of clearance from any type of combustible such as paper or blinds on a window. Make sure you are keeping the kids away from it so that they don’t knock it over. Another thing is don’t use your oven this winter to heat your home or where you live. Also, please do not use a propane heater or some other type of heat source like that.” says Kneeb

Inspections on heaters are necessary to keep your home safe for the winter.

“Heaters, not just space heater, but heaters that you have in your home, your central air and central heat need to be inspected once a year. Just to kinda check to make sure the pilot lights still going and to check there or anything like that. Make sure it gets inspected once a year,”  Kneeb said.

He adds to make sure you are cooking properly and not leaving lit candles around your home.