Bison & Bills legend Phil Hansen weighs in on Damar Hamlin’s condition

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (KVRR) — An Oakes, North Dakota native and member of the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame shares his thoughts on Damar Hamlin’s condition.

“We didn’t have the view that the players did. They were all surrounded, and we heard they’re doing CPR and, I mean, that shocks you. It puts things in perspective in a real fast way. These are finely conditioned athletes. You don’t expect your heart’s going to stop,” said Phil Hansen, a defensive lineman for the Bills from 1991-2001.

When Hansen recognized a worrying Bills doctor he knew from his playing days, he realized the injury may be more serious than what he is used to seeing.

“I recognized some of the team doctors, Dr. White out there, Thomas White. I recognized him and you can just see the frantic movement, you knew there was something more than normal going on. I mean, those guys don’t run, they always walk. You could tell there was a heightened sense of importance,” says Hansen.

The Bison Hall of Famer says most players ask themselves later in their career if playing is worth the cost of their bodies.

Hansen says he’s seen many concussions throughout his NFL career, but nothing close to a heart attack during live play.

“The only comparison I really have to that, it’s not really a true comparison. I was playing in 2001 when the planes went into the Twin Towers. That was a Tuesday. People always remember where they were when JFK was killed. I remember exactly what I was doing, exactly where I was. I was in the weight room when that happened. Even five days away, there was something bigger than NFL football. Meaning our fellow Americans had died and it was the appropriate thing to do, not to play,” Hansen said.

Hansen expects the NFL to eventually finish the game.

The Bison radio analyst doesn’t believe it will affect any NDSU players ahead of the FCS championship against South Dakota State.

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