Last gift woman received from her late father returned in Cooperstown

GRIGGS COUNTY, N.D. (KVRR) — A Bismarck woman gets a gift returned to her by a stranger in Cooperstown, North Dakota thanks to the power of technology.

She lost a pair of AirPods when she dropped them in a dressing room at Kirkwood Mall. It was the final gift she received from her father who died two months ago.

Griggs County Sheriff Robert Hook says the woman used an app on her iPhone and saw the air pods were more than 150 miles away.

Hook had a pretty good idea of who picked up the AirPods and put her in contact with a man who found them.

The man and woman plan to meet this weekend.

“I think it just shows where technology is, in that, with these new phone systems, the iPhones, your privacy is pretty limited. People put a lot of stake in those phones being private and secure but the technology involved the track these phones right now basically to a square foot area is pretty impressive,” Hook said.

Hook says the man is very gracious to give the AirPods back to her.

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