NDSU Fans Pack Twin Peaks for the FCS Championship Game

The Bison played against the SDSU Jackrabbits in Frisco, Texas

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — There was a lot of excitement in the atmosphere as Bison football fans flooded Twin Peaks in Fargo.

It opened about a year and three months ago and has quickly become a fan favorite to watch games.

“It’s always Green every Saturday and for every championship, seeing the community come together and all the Green and Gold. It’s just awesome for the community and the surrounding area. ” says Angie Limesand, NDSU Fan

“We love that we’re able to provide a location and where you get together and you
know everybody in town. You get to see all your friends and family and bring big groups and parties and you can enjoy the game without having to clutter up your house and do the dishes and everything like that. You can just enjoy yourself and go home and you’re finished for the day.” says Brian Decker, General Manager, Twin Peaks

Football is always a great opportunity for people to come together and show their support for their local team.

“I’m so excited my niece is down there and I have been to Frisco three times and I’m just like Twin Peaks is making it fun. The food is awesome and it’s handmade. I am sitting with people I don’t even know and it’s fun. So, it’s awesome.” says Stephanie Privratasky, NDSU Fan

Not all people at Twin Peaks are Bison fans.

There were a few South Dakota State Jackrabbit fans who were rooting for the opposing team.

Both the Jackrabbit and Bison fans were luckily able to get along in this setting.

Even though the NDSU Bison didn’t win the championship this season, next year will hopefully be a different story.

Twin Peaks was a well-liked restaurant in Frisco, Texas for Bison fans and eventually came to Fargo due to its popularity.