60+ MPH winds & blowing snow caused nightmare conditions on the roads

MINNESOTA & NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) — Drivers dealt with a mess Tuesday night as high winds and blowing snow made traveling a nightmare.

Hundreds of motorists were stranded on the highway waiting for snowplows and tow trucks to come and assist them.

“It’s just a number of stranded motorists along the freeway in particular. There were others such as highway ten that had a significant number. But, probably several hundred vehicles got stalled along the roadway and really not all of them were stuck or broke down. But, they were on the wrong side of a vehicle that maybe they got stuck or stranded. ” Minnesota State Patrol Sgt. Jesse Grabow said.

High winds led to low visibility reducing some spots visibility to less than a quarter statute mile. In Fargo, wind gusts were clocked at 66 mph just past midnight.

Many road closures occurred due to high winds and visibility issues, particularly in parts of western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota.

“In the west-central I-94 was closed from Moorhead to Fergus Falls. Highway 210 from Fergus Falls to Breckenridge. There was other roads throughout northwestern Minnesota and even some in southwestern Minnesota that had road closures. But, again, I-94 was one of the last roads that we were able to get open here just recently. Even though roads are open, just remember they are not always in the best condition,” Grabow said

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re stranded, make sure to stay inside your vehicle and wait for assistance.

“Remember your vehicle is generally going to be your best shelter. So, again, try to keep plenty of fuel in your vehicle, warm clothing, do what you got to do to be prepared and remember the storm will pass. Help will get to you. So, keep yourself in the vehicle and stay in communication with emergency responders if need be and do what you can to be prepared,” Grabow said.

He adds to make sure to have at least a half tank of gas inside your car in case you are caught stranded in your vehicle.

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