Mahoney responds to ND bill banning approval voting by saying city should choose election method

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) – Fargo’s mayor responds to the North Dakota House passing a bill banning approval voting saying cities should be able to choose how candidates are elected.

Dr. Tim Mahoney says the home rule charter states the city has the choice of how to do its elections. He believes its a good way to make sure the winning candidate receives a majority of votes since many candidates run for mayor and City Commission.

Voters endorsed approval voting in 2018 by 64 percent.

Mahoney believes Republican State Representative Ben Koppelman of West Fargo, the bill’s sponsor, often tries to change City of Fargo policies in Bismarck.

“He was against our gun laws and how we do our zoning on our gun shops in town. He had something against specials. He has a variety of bills he sometimes will be a part of and he seems to have a special need in trying to correct some of the things Fargo does,” Mahoney said.

“Anytime we’re dealing with a constitutional right or a civic right, I believe we should have equal treatment of all North Dakotans. The only way we get equal treatment of all North Dakotans is if we do it at the state level,” Koppelman said.

Koppelman believes a great way to make sure one candidate gets a majority of votes is having a primary or a runoff election between the top two candidates.

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