Many preparing for massive winter storm

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) – It’s not just in the Midwest where people are bracing for the storm.

Winter storm watches and warnings have stretched from coast to coast.

Some spots in Southern Minnesota are preparing for over a foot of snow while others are bracing for severe thunderstorms.

The Cass and Clay County Sheriff’s offices are doing what they can to get ready for it.

“We are preparing, we have worked with our state partners to ensure that if we do need assistance from the state whether it is from the National Guard or whomever it may be, that we do have them on standby and ready to go. I have also spoke with the county engineer and he is getting some barricades and things like that in place in the event we have to close off any roadways within the county.” says Sheriff Mark Empting, Clay County

Over the last few storms, severe winter weather has led to the closure of parts of Interstates 29 and 94.

Travelers still need to be cautious when using different roads.

“Typically, if the interstates are closed down, the highway county roads are going to be worse because we just don’t have the amount of resources to go out and plow those roads.” says Sheriff Jesse Jahner, Cass County

If you need to head out in the storm, it is important to make others are aware of your travel plans.

“That would include what your destination is and how you intend to get there. And certainly, we want to make sure that people’s vehicles are in good working order and that they have a full tank of gas. ” says Jahner.

Jahner recommends you have a winter weather survival kit in your vehicle.

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