Fargo crews having trouble finding places to put snow

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — As the dig out continues from this week’s storm, Fargo crews have shifted their focus on removing the snow from downtown.

“We’ll be hauling snow out of the downtown area. So, we just ask that residents and visitors follow the parking restrictions downtown. Here, tonight we will be working on the avenues pulling the snow out and loading it in trucks and getting it out of the area, so we have more room on the sidewalks downtown,” Fargo Public Works Service Manager Paul Fiechtner said.

It has been a struggle for Fargo Public Works to find places to put the snow this winter, but they usually head to one spot.

“When we haul the snow out of the downtown area, we load it up and take it to our snow dump, which is just west of the landfill there. It has been recently coined or has been coined Mount Fargo, just with the size of the pile of snow we have been piling up,” Fiechtner said.

The massive amount of snow secured in the southern valley Wednesday has impacted the chance for flooding.

“Assuredly, it will increase our probability for moderate flooding and slightly increase our chances for flooding where that heavy snow fell. But we are still are in that isolated chance like less than 20% of exceeding into major flood stage in that Fargo area. Still about the same, but with additional snowfall you are still adding to those probabilities,” Grand Forks National Weather Service Meteorologist Austin Perroux said.

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