Spirit Room celebrating its 25th anniversary

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – If you enjoy music, dancing, or any other arts, the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo is the spot for you.

It offers a few dancing and painting classes for visitors to attend.

“It is exciting to have been here for twenty-five years and it has been interesting because of all the people that we have met being downtown here and how we worked together to create wonderful things for downtown Fargo.” says Dawn Morgan, Executive Director/Founder of Spirit Room

The Spirit Room has always been a great place to learn more about arts and help build up artists to be the best they can.

“It has always been about building community and creating experiences for people to grow and learn and love. So, it is basically our mission is creative contemplative and healing arts and I think all of those go together to create that quality of life.” says Morgan

Classes are provided for visitors to explore their artistic side.

But the best part of the classes for some teachers is seeing their students grow.

“It is like magic, like watching your kids grow and it’s just fun. When you start at the beginning level, sometimes you get so nervous you can’t take two steps in a row and hopefully by the time we’ve at least had our first lesson, we can get the basic going.” says Scott Swedberg, Dance Class Teacher, Spirit Room

If you would like to sign up for a class at Spirit Room, we have a link here.

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