Animals still being abandoned across U.S. years after pandemic restrictions loosened

UNITED STATES (KVRR) — Two years after COVID-19 pandemic restrictions started to loosen around the F-M area, cats, dogs and even exotic animals are still abandoned with not much room for shelters to take them in.

Tasha Gorentz says many pets were adopted out of impulse and says it’s important to do research before taking in a new family member.

Now that people are finding themselves busy with school, work and social interactions, they’re leaving behind pet responsibilities, literally.

In some cases, abandoning them in rental units, parks or farms.

“There’s been a huge uptick in animals that are still being surrendered and abandoned that people got while COVID was happening when they had more time, when they were home more. Even now when their lives continue to pick up more, a lot of those animals find themselves needing surrender or being abandoned or neglected,” said Tasha Gorentz the Founding Director of Kritter Krazy and Exotic Rescue

She says the saddest part is her team would have made room for an animal to stay in her shelter if people let them know.

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