Another blast of winter for snow removal crews

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Snow removal crews were in action on Sunday helping to clean-up from the aftermath from the winter storm.

Many of them waited until the storm to pass to complete the bulk of their work.

“We ended up being a little shorter on Saturday, just because we wanted the wind to get all the snow and get it piled up to where we wanted it to. We were still out, but once that rain hit after that little lull or break in the 1-2 o’clock, lull where we were out. But than after that, once it started raining, we are like let’s call it and let all this get own and then we will take care of it tomorrow morning.” says Mike Kreider, Snowplow Driver, Fargo

Traveling conditions were less than ideal this weekend as the blizzard caused headaches for drivers.

High winds and heavy snow even forced the North Dakota Department of Transportation to close Interstate 94 from Jamestown to Dickinson.

Travelers still hit the roads Sunday, but some spots were more difficult to get through than others.

“Depending on where you are going, you can still run into some snow drifts that have not been plowed out yet. I think the city is doing its best to try and get the main stuff first. Try to avoid the side streets if you can, but for this time of year, decent driving. Just be careful.” says Drew and Jeffrey Calvoda, Moorhead

Slick roads had no effect on snow removal crews as they were able to remove snow fairly easily.

“It seemed like it was pretty fluffy, so we were actually able to move it and what we use will move the snow, it’s not an issue if it can or not, it will move the snow. It just takes a little bit, you might have to do it a couple times, but other than that, should go out right away.” says Kreider

Snow crews have been working around the clock to clear snow from the region.

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