Brewhalla kicks off opening weekend in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Brewhalla made its grand opening this weekend.

The new indoor market proving to be a big hit for customers.

“We’ve always been dreaming of this idea. We try to work some of these concepts into the brewery we renovated next door that opened in 2018. We weren’t able to get it done exactly the way we wanted to pull this off. So, when that opened in 2018, we started planning on this place and it’s been a long time but it’s really fun to see dreams come true.”

Brewhalla is a branch of Drekker Brewing featuring restaurants, bars, retail, lodging, event space, a tap room, coffee shops, local merchandise and much more.

“It exceeded our expectations. When we first started talking with Mark and the guys, we thought, ‘this is going to be an awesome place.’ You know, with construction, you try to envision it. Finally, these last few weeks have really come together and we’re just really happy to be a part of it. It’s been a little while in the making but we’re happy that it’s here and we’re super excited to see what the future brings in this amazing space.”

The second it opened on Saturday, the F-M community couldn’t wait to check it out as thousands bustled in.

“It was so great to see lines of people out the door yesterday, smiling faces. This place is full of good vibes and still is. Our hearts are full. We’re ready to party. We just see everyone come back in. It’s amazing. We always say, ‘expect the unexpected’. This is really a special place with amazing business, shops, cool things and absolutely outstanding food and drink. You’re gonna have a great time here.”

“It’s awesome for us; we have to get back to the farm and make some more cheese and gelato for next weekend. North Dakota, Fargo, people just rally around small business and, honestly, it’s the best feeling ever. We love that this is a hyper local market. We’re as local as it gets and people just love that.”

Bjornstad says many cities pride itself on community gathering spaces and he wanted to bring that to Fargo during cold weather season.

“We have long winters up here. We want to have a big space to get together. Support local businesses, celebrate amazing things that are going on and we want to enjoy Fargo. We want to enjoy living here, we want to enjoy spending time with friends and family and meet new people. This space is all about getting together and sharing those moments.”

The market is open every day from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Bjornstad says to expect the coffee shop to open a little earlier than that while the bars and restaurants may close later each night.

The Brewhalla hotel is still in the works, and we are still waiting on an opening date.

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