NDSU Begins Spring Practice



NDSU held their first spring practice today. After falling to the Jacks in the title game a few months ago, the Bison are looking to get back to their form as they begin spring practices.

“It’s vital,” said Head Coach Matt Entz. “I mean, that’s kind of where you reassess the depth chart. You reassess, maybe who has the potential to help us play. Who’s elevate, what they need to continue to work on to further and their participation. We are only starting the process.”

As spring practice begins, The Bison are ready to get back to work.

“It feels great,” said senior Quarterback Cam Miller. “I think guys are just trying to get better each and every day. I thought we had a great offseason. You know, we got better. And we kind of came together as one. I think our motto now is flipping the script. What are we going to do now to get back on top.”

That sentiment resonates throughout the entire Bison locker room.

“It feels normal,” said senior Wide Receiver Braylon Henderson. “I mean, it’s back to routine. We’re supposed to be out here. It’s what we signed to come do. I mean, it just feels normal. It’s great to be back out here. Good to see some of the new guys, the new faces and the transfers. It’s great to see some of the young guys get to run around. We’re not only building relationships, but they’re learning how to be a Bison, what the process is about how we how we run things here and what our standard is.”

As snow infiltrated the F-M area over the off season, a few Bison migrated South to build rapport and simply get better.

“Cam asked me to go train with him you know down in Miramar, [Florida],” said Henderson. “It was great work. It’s definitely much needed, you know, to get that chemistry going, build that rapport… even better than we had last season. You’re not gonna get anywhere if you’re doing the same thing as the guy in front of you.”

“I felt like it was a great opportunity for us to develop more timing and chemistry in the passing game,” said Miller. “Those are two guys that we’re going to need to lean on this season. And we spent a lot of time down there just really working on timing.”

The herd is back in Fargo and ready to compete for a national championship.

The Bison open their season Saturday, September 2 at U.S. Bank Stadium against Eastern Washington. Kickoff at 2:30 p.m.

It will be the first ever collegiate game played at the stadium.

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