Fancy felines compete in annual Purebred and Household Pet Cat Show

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — It was the purr-fect weekend for cat enthusiasts to watch felines compete in the 49th year of the pet cat show.

Eighty cats were entered into the competition ranging from purebreds to sphynx cats.

Each cat had its own distinct personality.

“They just have a very sweet personality, they are very loving, very playful, they are always running around home playing with one another. I have the little female which likes to play catch with little furry balls. They are very unique and loving personalities.” says Jody Lawson, Competitor

The cats and their owners came from all across the globe to compete in the event.

“So, we get Cats from Toronto, from Florida flying in with their owners and then, we have cats from Fargo entered in the show. You never know where they are from and it is really fun to see some of the big guys come out for the top competition.” says Lisa Ferguson, Secretary/Public Relations, Minn-Kota Feline Club

Four judges were tasked with analyzing the cats and distributing ribbons.

The judges were very particular on the things they were looking for in each cat.

“We are looking for cats that are sweet, that are interactive, the judge will play with them with feathers and toys to check things and they just want a wonderful pet. They have to look nice, they have to be clean, they have to be in great condition. They can’t be obese, they can’t be too skinny, they have to be in good condition. Then, it is their personality which shines.” says Ferguson

Next year, the Minn-Kota Feline Club plans to have its cat show once again on the first weekend of April.


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