FM Metro Grocery Stores Are Staying Stocked For The Storm

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Long lines and empty shelves are a common site at local supermarkets, as many of us stock up on groceries for the big storm.

Although, late spring storms are common for our area, this one is looking to be one for the books.

Local grocery stores say they are staying stocked up so that the shelves stay full.

They also say they are calling on more workers to keep your shopping experience smooth and as quick as possible.

“The biggest thing is to keep safe. So when you go and do your grocery shopping make sure you go and do it before the actual storm rolls in. The biggest thing right at that point right there is to just be safe,”  said Gordon Canton, Assistant Store Director at Family Fare.

For future storms, the safest way to make sure your family is fully stocked on food is to prepare and shop before the storm arrives.



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