Governor Tim Walz reiterates support for Ukraine

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Over two dozen governors gathered to participate in a video conference call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Governor Walz calls Zelenskyy’s move to take part in the conference is “politically smart” since the states hold the majority of the power on the issue.

“He had two-fold. One he was out there to thank the governors for the support that we are showing towards the Ukrainian against the aggression that Russia showed, and I think make the case to Ukrainian Minnesotans and North Dakotans how grateful he is and how they are holding the line,” says Governor Tim Walz.

Minnesota has been a home to many Ukrainian families and has helped welcome many refugees.

Governor Walz says Minnesota along with the rest of the United States must continue to stand together with the Ukrainian people and protect their nation.

“This is a sovereign nation (Ukraine), that is brutally been invaded by a foreign dictatorship, and we must stand together with that. We would want our friends to stand with us if we were attacked. I think standing with the democracy in Ukraine that is elected by the people is against what we see in Russia. It is absolutely foundational to who we are as a nation,” says Walz.

Walz asks for continued support of Ukraine and disagrees with lawmakers who object against providing funding for the nation.

“I know that the Ukrainians in the past have asked for more aircraft. President Zelensky did not ask that on the governor’s call, he was grateful for the support he has been getting, just wanted to reiterate he was very clear that, whatever you are sending us we need to continue to get,” says Walz.

Governor Walz adds Zelenskyy is not asking for more supplies from the US but says to continue sending what they can to Ukraine.

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