Countless flooded roads and fields in Wilkin County, Minnesota

BRECKENRIDGE, M.N. (KVRR) — The rapid melt continues and that is leaving some roads partially or totally covered in flood water.

That includes a section of Wilkin County Road 16 northeast of Breckenridge.

Crews are working to locate, barricade and flag troubled spots in the county.

The scene of flooded fields and impassable roads was the normal in some spots in West Central Minnesota.

Warmer temperatures have led to a melting snowpack and flooded fields and rivers.

But, this year’s flooding has not been the worst in Wilkin County.

“So, it has been a slightly more significant than typical melt since it happened so quickly. In the grand scheme of things, it has not been significant or difficult for us to manage, thus far. Things have been spotty as far as where water is building. However, our highways have been out with their excavators and are working to clear up those trouble spots.” says Breanna Koval, Director of Environmental Services and Emergency Management, Wilkin County

Officials say they have been working countless hours to clear up the county roads.

Some places have been more problematic than others.

“Some of the problem spots would be County Road 16, there is a large box culvert which plugs up the water, and from time to time plugs up the water. Down in the southern end of the county, there is some of the overland stuff which takes over the township roads.” says Sheriff Tony Harris, Wilkin County

County officials are hoping the flooding waters will recede in the next few weeks, but flooding is not quite done for our region.

“I am hoping that we will have things wrapped up in a week or so, the temperatures are indicative of most of the snow being done by then. I think the wildcard is the places that have not melted so much yet. So much as our friends in North Dakota, they are not seeing quite as significant melting as we are seeing right now, and all of their water has to come in our same river basin as well. So, that is kinda the wildcard. Of course, if we get a significant rain event, it will amplify those impacts a little bit. So, I think we kinda have to wait and see and we are poised to get through this pretty well.” says Koval

She asks people to notify the sheriff’s department if you see a road covered in water.

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