Sheyenne Baseball Going For 3-Peat in Bodell’s Final Season

The Mustangs Have Won the Class A Championship The Last Two Seasons

WEST FARGO, N.D.– Three straight championships would make it a dynasty for the Sheyenne Mustangs

“Could be a great year and it could be a good year so the threepeat is always the goal but we don’t talk about it too much, just not something Bodell talks about but it will be exciting if we pull that off,” said senior pitcher, Carter Carlson.

That isn’t the only motivator for the team however, after being named the new vice principal at West Fargo Sheyenne head coach Ryan Bodell says this will be his final season.

“It was tough to tell the guys. I told them I think our second day of practice so it will be tough to walk away but I’m also alright with the decision. When I took over the seniors were eighth graders for us. So we’ve been kind of with them the whole time and going out with them with hopefully another State Championship,” said Bodell.

We wanna hopefully send him off on a good note. Threepeat would be nice for him and you know a lot of these guys obviously some of them played last year but it’s a new year so you know, new expectations, and we’re just going into there just thinking, well obviously it’s our season not last year’s season so we want to get that championship for us,” said senior pitcher, Caleb Duerr.

Despite having won it all the last two seasons, the Mustangs come in ranked second in the EDC’s preseason polls

Yeah I don’t know how that comes about but it’s something we got to play for but I guess it’s a good goal. It’s a chip on our shoulder definitley. It’s good motivation,” said Carlson.

“Kinda’ looking at this season kinda’ like the documentary on the last dance how they had one last final season together and with this being Bodell’s last year and a lot of our seniors’ last year we’ve been playing with each other since eight grade year, for Sheyenne so just kind of just cherishing every moment that we get with it and we’ll see where the season goes,” said pitcher, Carter Ohleen.

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