Mauch Is Ready for the NFL Draft

FARGO, N.D. — Former North Dakota State offensive lineman Cody Mauch has garnered national interest as of late from the media as well as NFL teams who are interested in adding the versatile lineman to their squad in next week’s NFL Draft. Mauch’s career with NDSU began as a walk on and now the Hankinson native has become a hot commodity for his versatility and dominance up front. Pro Football Focus currently has Mauch as the 56th ranked prospect in the draft. Many mock drafts and draft boards project him to be selected in the late first or early second round. The jovial redhead the football world has come to know as “Tuddy” says he has met with a lot of teams, is working hard to prepare for pro football, and can bring positive energy to the locker-room.

“I’ve met with every team. I’ve met with many teams multiple times and I don’t even know particularly who because kind of everyone, I’ve met with a lot of teams so it’s been a whirlwind but been really cool,” said Mauch.

“Now that the pro days, all that is done now it’s, we’re hitting it hard again it’s training time now; lets gain a little strength in different places,” said Mauch.

“The attitude is one of the biggest things I’ll bring because you know, just a fun outgoing kind of loving attitude, I think everyone you meet up here in North Dakotas awesome; they’re awesome people great personalities, just gonna try to bring a little bit of that to wherever I go,” said Mauch.

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