RedHawks Chasing Repeat Championshp

The RedHawks Are Under A Week Away From Their 2023 Season

FARGO, N.D.– The Fargo Moorhead RedHawks are coming off their first ever American Association Championship and while it’s always special to be back coming back as the defending champs has a different feel to it.

“Every year around this time it’s pretty exciting coming back but this year maybe even a little bit more.. number one we have a lot of returners which we’ve been fortunate to have that last several years guys like Leo Pina, Kevin McGovern, John Silviano, Correlle Prime being back, and the list goes on. But being defending champs, that’s pretty awesome you know and sure there is a target on our back and everyone is kind of gunning for us but that’s the way it is every year in this league. Every body is so good so see these guys back and once again having Correlle Prime back is awesome, Dylan Thomas added to the lineup and things like that it’s really exciting and as a manager there is some pressure to win but there always is and that’s a great thing becasue if you asked Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter, and Tom Brady, you want to fill those fingers up with rings and that’s what our goal is, ” said skipper, Chris Coste.

With 5 all stars returning to the ball club, championship experience, and key additions made, the RedHawks have their sights set on another championship this season, the believe around the organization is that they have a team built to do it.

“We learned a lot from that playoff ride but just to never give up and always believe that you can do it. Especially in that last game we were down five runs in the seventh inning, you konw you can’t really count yourself out you can’t really count the team out and baseball, you gotta make 27 outs. and those 27 outs are all important you know we just learned to keep fighting even when you’re down and out and we won the championship last year but this year is a whole new year,” said infielder, Sam Dexter.

“Each year new guys on the team but from my standpoint, same goal every year, so even new guys coming in I feel like same goal, try to win it again,” said pitcher Alex Dubord.

The RedHawks made a big move in the offseason trading all star designated hitter Drew Ward to Milwaukee for Correlle Prime. Prime was on the team in 2019,2020, and 2021. The RedHawks expect him to pick up where he left off as a major contributor on both sides of the ball.

“He looks so good in a RedHawks uniform and he looked good when he wasn’t a Fargo Moorhead RedHawks and then dealt and was in Milwaukee. He looked good when he was in a Milwaukee uniform. and then the RedHawks made a deal, Drew Ward for Correlle Prime in the offseason and now CP or Prime Time is back with the Fargo Moorhead RedHawks. long lengthy guy, former Rockies product, just a tremendous athlete goes about 6’4, 6’5 I’ve seen hit tape measure shots in this league that are just eye opening swings, he’s versatile, good athlete, I think undervalued as a defensive player, we know him for his hitting but yeah you add that to the mix of all the other tremendous players the RedHawks have, you bring Prime back and he loves Newman outdoor Field., He hits well here,” said radio broadcaster, Jack Michaels.

“It’s been good it’s like we picked up where we left off; we’ve always remained close friends. Last year I think the two series we played here against each other it was just like any other game but it was great to see them it is always great to see these guys they’re some of the coolest people I know so yea we’re looking forward to the season and spending time together for the next 4 and a half months,” said Prime.

With the season just under a week away, they RedHawks have all the potential to make this season another special one…

“Over the past quarter century, I’ve looked at some really good RedHawks teams, I have broadcast some really good RedHawks teams, the 1998 team some would say would go down as the independent team of the decade, of the century.. that good.. on paper.. this year’s RedHawks have a chance I think to claim that title and that says a lot. I think the Redhawk’s are in for a magical and if they can go back to back after not winning one for over a decade in the American Association, wouldn’t that be something.. but let’s wait ’til after game one..”

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