Fargo Human Rights Commission backs Gandhi for ignoring state laws regarding trans students

Fargo Hrc

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargo Human Rights Commission has voted unanimously to support Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi for ignoring new state laws that would create a number of restrictions related to trans students.

Commissioners say they’re aware of how this legislative session has been anxiety-inducing for many children and their families.

They cited data from the North Dakota Youth Risk Behavior survey showing how the new laws were restricting practices that could reduce risks of suicide, depression and anxiety among LGBT youth.

“When Dr. Gandhi stood up on behalf of the children of his school district, it was one of those moments, those bright moments in the midst of all this grim reality that there are leaders in our community that choose the well-being of their children over some ideological bill coming out of the legislature,” said Barry Nelson of Fargo’s Human Rights Commission.

The Human Rights Commission will continue discussing North Dakota’s legislative session with a forum Wednesday evening at the Fargo Public Library downtown.

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