The Packers and the Mustangs Go Head to Head For the Chris Heise High School Play of the Week

West Fargo V West Fargo Sheyenne on the Baseball Diamond for the Play of the Week

WEST FARGO, ND — West Fargo visiting Sheyenne; Play number one: Seth Wigestrand at third base fields the grounder, steps on third and then fires it across the diamond for the 5-3 double play. Wigestrand with the clean fielding, the heads up play to get the force out and then the cannon of an arm to get the second out at first.

Was it better than what the Mustangs did in that same game though?

Carter Carlson for the Stangs at first stealing the bag at second with ease… and then doesn’t stop there… he steals third right after that… and because he was able to move himself to third… Ben Clouse puts the ball in play to short on his at-bat and here comes Carlson from third on the aggressive baserunning for the mustangs run.

Who should win?

That’s for you to decide. To vote, simply go to our Twitter poll and click to pick your winner @KVRRSports.

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