Gov. Burgum’s hometown of Arthur gears up for presidential bid

ARTHUR, N.D. (KVRR) — Gov. Doug Burgum is preparing to announce his bid for the White House next week in Fargo.

We speak to people around his hometown on his run.

“It feels, like, pretty good to have someone in government that came from a small town and kind of knows what we’re all about and knows how we feel about a lot of different subjects,” says CeeJay Foss.

The Arthur native planning his run for the Republican nomination is already in a crowded field dominated by former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“I think other people are excited to see him try and push through to be President. I think the only thing people are worried about is getting his name out. Obviously, everyone in North Dakota knows who he is and everyone likes him but, I mean, outside of North Dakota not as many people know who he is,” Foss said.

The people of the town take pride that one of their own could be a face for the U.S. political landscape.

Even if he does not win the nomination, there still could be opportunities for Burgum to be on the national stage and represent his hometown.

“He’s so small town life. He grew up here. He knows what’s going on, I think. I think he’s a real genuine guy. I think he’s really family-oriented. I think he’s proud of this town and where he came from and all the small towns. Yeah, I think he does well for North Dakota,” says Kelly Johnson, the owner of Kelly’s Cafe in Arthur.

Governor Burgum is expected to announce his run for presidency June 7 in Fargo. Here, in Arthur, North Dakota, a town of over 300 people, we see the Burgum family name runs deep. The people of the town are ready to see it on the national stage.

“Every time I go out of Arthur, if I’m going to Fargo or out of state, they’ll say, ‘Where are you from?’, and I’ll say a little town in North Dakota called Arthur. First thing I say is, ‘that’s where our Governor Burgum, our Governor of North Dakota grew up and is from.’ That’s the description that we give for Arthur. We’re very proud of it,” said Johnson.

Burgum’s family history in Arthur dates back to at least 100 years.

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