Cramer “Infrastructure is critical to our safety”: Much maligned Grand Forks railroad crossing getting upgraded

GRAND FORKS (KVRR) – The railroad crossing at 42nd St. and DeMers Ave. in Grand Forks is getting some much needed upgrades thanks to a grant after a infrastructure bill was passed by congress. U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, came to the town to deliver the news on what is to come.

“This crossing is blocked by about two and a half hours a day,” said Buttigieg. “This 42nd St. project means that there isn’t even the possibility of a collision between the trains and the 15,000 vehicles that drive in the area of this intersection everyday and there is no waiting for the train to pass when you need to get to UND, or need to get to the hospital, or to work or home.”

“Infrastructure is critical to our safety, to our security, to the efficient movement of goods and services, to our entire economy, to our quality of life and as well as our standard of living.” said U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer.

The Biden-Harris Administration is rolling out a $570 million program to help with the elimination of railroad crossings in 32 states. The crossing in Grand Forks has been on the radar since 1991, and decades later they will have $37.5 million to work with.

“Today is historic. Not just the fact that we’re cementing the start of this project after more than three decades but this is the largest federal grant for a road project in the city of Grand Forks’ history.” said Grand Forks Mayor, Brandon Bochenski.

“You get here, it’s not about red or blue, democratic or republican or any of that. It’s about making sure that we have safer, better transportation and infrastructure we can count on. So people and goods can get to where they need to be.” said Buttigieg.

Click on this link for more information on the infrastructure bill and the projects across the nation:

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