Minnesota’s Governor Seeks Presidential Disaster Declaration

spring storms caused nearly $40 million in damage to infrastructure across Minnesota

ST. PAUL, MN — Gov. Tim Walz is seeking a presidential disaster declaration for spring storms that caused nearly $40 million in damage to infrastructure across Minnesota. He requested the declaration for 51 counties and four tribal governments. Officials say flooding, blizzards and strong winds from mid-March to late April caused damage totaling $39 million. That is well above the $8…

MN Gas Stations 7 1/2 Miles from the ND Border Exempt from Proposed Gas Tax Hike

That way, they can still compete with stations across the river

MINNESOTA — A proposed gas tax hike in Minnesota would raise the price by 20 cents per gallon, which would be the fourth highest in the country. But that wouldn’t affect every city in the state. A law in Minnesota would allow gas stations seven and half miles from the North Dakota border to be exempt from the tax increase. That…

Manitoba’s Minister of Infrastructure Tours Flood Areas in the Red River Valley

He wants to see how much water is flowing north

FARGO, N.D. — The flood fight isn’t something only people in North Dakota are dealing with. It’s also going to affect our neighbors to the north. Manitoba’s Minister of Infrastructure Ron Schuler spent the day meeting with local representatives and touring the flood area in the Red River Valley and further south. He joined State Representative Kim Koppelman of West Fargo and…

Gov. Tim Walz Proposes $450 Million Transportation Budget, Would Bring Over $3 Million to Moorhead

It would give $7.7 million to Clay County, which would also help build a new solid waste transfer station

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Governor Tim Walz’s $450 million transportation budget proposal could improve 1,800 miles of roads and replace 300 bridges in Minnesota. It would also create a variety of long–needed infrastructural changes in Moorhead. After relying on the same roads for over 50 years, civil engineers are giving half of them a D+ rating and 35 percent of bridges a…

Several North Dakota Roads and Bridges In Need of Repairs

TRIP says North Dakota will need $2.5 billion to fix these roadways over the next five years

FARGO, N.D. — A new report says that many roads and bridges in North Dakota are in desperate need for repairs. TRIP, a group that researches and evaluates data on transportation issues across the country estimates North Dakota will need $2.5 billion to fix up roads and bridges across the state over the next five years. The need for infrastructure repair…

The City of Fargo Special Assessment Task Force Holds Second Meeting

The task force focused on the legal perspective when it comes to constructing both new and existing infrastructure

FARGO– The City of Fargo Special Assessment Task Force held its second meeting this morning. The meeting started off with an in-depth presentation on the history of special assessments, including both the advantages and disadvantages. The task force focused on the legal perspective when it comes to constructing both new and existing infrastructure. The group discussed the need for legislator…

N.D. Legislators Propose $280 Million Infrastructure Plan

The funding would focus on non-oil producing regions

NORTH DAKOTA — State Republican lawmakers proposed a $280 million infrastructure funding package. The funding package is broken into three brackets, including the county level, municipal, and airport infrastructure needs. “By doing this, by bringing money across the state to non–oil producing regions, we are not taking away from the needs that they have out west. The hub cities and those…

Fargo City Commission Candidates Gather for Q & A

Some of the biggest concerns from citizens are housing, infrastructure, and transportation

FARGO, N.D. — The Hawthorne Neighborhood Association hosted a forum for Fargo city commission candidates. Organizers say the questions citizens submitted were wide-ranging, but some of the biggest topics were aging infrastructure, housing, election reform, and affordability of living in the city. The candidates say improving core neighborhoods is key, as is balancing the needs of renters and landlords to create…

Governor Mark Dayton Delivers His Final “State of the State”

Calls On Lawmakers To Side With Schoolchildren In Gun Legislation Battle

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Touting Minnesota’s ranking as “Best Run State”, Governor Mark Dayton delivered his final “State of the State”. He began his address by introducing his 5-year-old grandson, Hugo, and with a joke about walking out by himself after the speech. Last year, he collapsed in the middle of the address as he battled prostate cancer. Dayton talked…

Oil Production in North Dakota Increasing

Ness says a task force is being convened to help speed up infrastructure development

  NORTH DAKOTA — Oil production in North Dakota is increasing amid rebounding oil prices and technology advances. But officials say the infrastructure needed to capture the natural gas byproduct isn’t keeping up. North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness says some oil drillers are cutting output to meet gas capture rules so they won’t be sanctioned by the state….