Fargo man recovering after head-on collision in town

FARGO (KVRR) – Robert Schildberger was heading to work on Monday morning on 42nd St. S. but that all changed after a truck veered into his lane causing a head-on collision.

“He saw me and just swerved over two lanes and hit me head-on,” said Schildberger while recalling what happened during the incident. “First time I ever thought I was going to die because the pickup was moving so fast.”

The crash happened just after the overpass. His vehicle was crushed, and so was his spine too. Schildberger had a fracture in his spine and now has to wear a brace when he is standing because of his injuries.

He said the pain was instant. He thanks his co-worker and the bystanders that helped during this crash.

“It started to fill up with smoke I thought maybe it was on fire,” said Schildberger. “Every airbag in my vehicle deployed. It scared me so I kicked the door open as much as I could and it wouldn’t open all the way. Slid out onto the ground, got up and I fell against the vehicle.”

Schildberger is still recovering and hopes to get back to work one day as a mail carrier.


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