Firework Safety Protocols ahead of Independence Day

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)– Fireworks have always been a fun and festive way for families and friends to celebrate the biggest holiday of the summer.

But, it’s important to use fireworks properly to avoid injuries.

“We most frequently see injuries to the hands; I have seen some pretty bad injuries to the eyes as well. So, you want to be careful, even the more benign fireworks, like punks, I have seen some bad injuries to eyes from those types of fireworks.” says Christopher Anderson, Emergency Physician, Essentia Health

Each year, the Moorhead Fire Department responds to a number of fireworks-related calls–and last year was no exception.

“We did see a few fires, dumpster fires, that we had to put out, there were a couple leftover fireworks that were left in an area that started on fire as well. A lot of times, we will see fires start in dumpsters and garbage’s, from disposing of fireworks when they are still warm.” says Derek Berg, Captain, Moorhead Fire Department

Thanks to last week’s rain, he hopes that number will be reduced this year.

“We were really worried that, with how dry things were before the rain came that we would have a lot of fires here come the 4th, we are very fortunate that we had a good shot of rain here and it should keep things green around here, so we don’t have as many spot fires.” says Berg

Berg says to use proper judgment and make sure to follow all safety protocols when handling fireworks.

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