Wildlife biologist urging people to stay away from fighting animals

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Days after two scrappy bald eagles were entangled in a brawl and separated by deputies in a Minnesota lake, experts are advising people to stay away from any animal in the middle of a fight.

On Monday, Cass County deputies John Murray and Todd Wolter found two adult eagles struggling on Leech Lake Monday and used a pole to separate them.

A biologist at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department urges you to keep away from any fighting animals as it could cause danger to you and nature.

“You may think you’re helping them. They’re going to see you as a threat. Especially in situations, like, with deer and antlers and bald eagles and strong talons; they’re going to see you as a threat. So, we want to make sure that people don’t get the wrong impression and think if they see something like that to try to do it themselves,” says Doug Leier.

Cass County Sheriff Bryan Welk says those who live along the lake say they’ve seen the same two eagles fighting over a nest several times in the last few months.

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