FM Trailbuilders given the Moorheart Award

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — FM Trailbuilders are a group of over fifty volunteers maintaining trails in the F-M region.

They manage trails by mowing them, picking up fallen branches, and doing other maintenance work.

“We monitor three trail systems, two of them are located in Moorhead, one at MB Johnson Park, another in the central part of the town at Moorhead which is Gooseberry Park, and the last trail system we monitor and maintain is the Iwen/Lion Conservancy Trail in South of Fargo.” says Tom Heilman, Founder and Board Member, FM Trailbuilders

These trails are not only used by cyclists, but everyone can use them year-round.

“These are trails people can walk on, cross country skiers have been on them, they are more multiuse.” says Holly Heitkamp, Moorhead Parks and Recreation Director

And from all their dedicated work, the group received the Moorheart Award to recognize their acts of service.

The group’s efforts are vital for the community, since without them, trails would be difficult to maintain.

“These trails that they are clearing would not be usable if they weren’t here. Our park department would not have the resources both human resources and financially to do the work they are doing.” says Heitkamp

In addition to their volunteer work, they also work with a youth bicycle group.

“There is an organization called the Northwest Composite area Wolves mountain biking, which is for grades six through twelve. If kids are interested in the racing component, we have a number of volunteers to coach and help direct that organization as well.” says Heilman

The group is looking for more volunteers to help maintain more than 20 miles of trails in the F-M region.

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