Exploring history at Aber Days at Fort Abercrombie

ABERCROMBIE, N.D. (KVRR) — A community celebration featuring Civil War reenactments, blacksmiths, rodeos and more.

“We have a parade. Fire Department has a pretty good rodeo. We have a street dance. It’s just a good time to get the community together. Just celebrate, get to visit. It’s a good time to visit with the neighbors so we have Aber Days. Usually that’s the first weekend in August,” says Keith Kinneberg.

If you are a fan of history, Aber Days is for you.

From the sights of old school wardrobe to the Civil War reenactments and more in between at Fort Abercrombie.

There’s no shortage of learning opportunities, even if it means meeting new people in a town of under 300 people.

“There’s all the people who grew up in this community coming back and telling their family stories. My family grew up not far from here. So, you start talking about which class graduated when. So, it’s all of the community coming back to the area that they came from as well as learning new stories, too,” said Carrie Newman, a teacher, author and Aber Days veteran.

Every year, it’s a chance for people to explore the history of our region and learn about each other.

“We’ve all survived the pandemic and I think we’re enjoying things and I think we’re enjoying now, coming together and seeing things. I think it’s a wonderful experience to come out here and explore history. Years ago, however, it was interpreted has been changed to include groups that have not been part of the national narrative or the state narrative. I think Aber is working really hard to make sure everybody is included in the history. So, learning more about who we are and how we got here is an essential piece of our summer and our experiences,” Newman said.

Hundreds showed their support for Fargo Police by getting a blue wristband after donating to the Leadership Care Fund.

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