Reforest the Red event Plants thousands of trees

FARGO N.D. (KVRR) – Riverkeepers of Fargo Moorhead held their reforest the red event for sustainability.

Executive Director Christine Holland said, “Riverkeepers help the community learn about the red river so they can self sustain it which we’re doing today and also safely enjoy it whether that means walking along the bike path or kayaking or fishing just really appreciating the natural resources we have in our own backyard.”

Employees and volunteers took the time out of their day to plant thousands of trees and shrubs along the Red River for the reforest the red event.

Holland also said, “It’s so awesome to have all these community members down here trying to help the river and make the park a more beautiful place for them to come down and really enjoy it in the future.”

Riverkeeper’s had close to 500 volunteers show up to help revamp the river.

Volunteers helped by digging holes, planting, mulching and watering larger trees.

Companies such as Bell Bank, Amazon and more had employees volunteer their time.

Holland mentioned, “It’s a habitat for wildlife it makes it fun for people to just come out and just get some shade and just enjoy the trees”

By planting these trees and shrubs the dense stems will help stabilize the river bank for

These plants will also help improve water quality, prove a stable habitat for local animals, and improve air quality.

“It’s great to have the community here really taking ownership of a park and the river and coming together to do something good for the whole community.” ,Said Holland.

For more events to help the sustainability of our community go to Riverkeeper’s website.

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