Train Derailment In Oakes

Red River Valley & Western Railroad's Track and Structures Mgr. Cal Gruebele says the derailment occurred around 7 p.m. Tues. on the southwest side of town.

1/1 Show Caption Hide Caption OAKES, N.D. (AP) _ Crews are working to clean up corn spilled from seven train cars in southeastern North Dakota. Officials say four cars on the train derailed and the seven cars of corn tipped over Tuesday night in the Dickey County community of Oakes. KDDR reports Red River Valley & Western Railroad’s Track and…

Import Tariffs on China Could Spell Trouble for North Dakota Farmers

North Dakota farmers have 7 million acres of farmland devoted to soybean production

BARNES COUNTY, N.D. — President Trump recently enforced $60 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports. With China quickly putting its own tariffs on American goods, one field that could be in trouble is agriculture. “We’re long term going to see some kind of impact in agriculture partly because it’s the easiest thing for them to do quickly and partly because of…

WCCO Belting Unveils New Line of Products Using Soybean Oil

The TerraTech Project looks to use sustainable materials to create more efficient rubber for belting

  WAHPETON, N.D. — On National Agriculture Day, WCCO Belting rolls out some new innovations using locally grown products. “Our rubber is man–made rubber and the materials that go into that are aromatic oil or petroleum oil. What we’ve been able to successfully do is to replace the aromatic oil with soybean oil and achieve equal or greater properties in our…

Spring 2018: What Does the Weather Mean for Agriculture?

Looking Ahead to the Planting Season

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, but spring begins today. For farmers, the start of spring means planting season is right around the corner. And Mother Nature can make or break a farmer’s  yield, depending on what she throws at us in the next few months. This winter was marked with several Arctic outbreaks. “People probably remember these extreme…

USDA Secretary Perdue Meets with Politicians and Farmers in Fargo

Perdue came to Fargo at the request of Senator John Hoeven to hear thoughts ahead of the 2018 Farm Bill

FARGO, N.D. — With many farmers and politicians in attendance, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue learned about new advances in agricultural technology and also problems that farmers encounter on a daily basis. “Farmers are generally compliant people, they want to follow the rules, they want to be good conservationists,” said Perdue. Secretary Perdue listened to many issues faced by farmers ranging from…

New LaMoure Hog Farm Set to Save Local Cooperative Thousands of Dollars

The Fairview Colony's new farm will allow the cooperative to sell their hogs to the antibiotic market more easily

LAMOURE, N.D. — A LaMoure–based agriculture cooperative is about to open a modern hog farm. The new farm will allow them to raise their hogs in an environmentally sensitive manner. The cooperative invited the public to walk through the farm before it goes operational. The Fairview Colony held an open house at their soon–to–be–opened hog farm, which showcases the latest…

LIVE: Interstate Drug Busts

State troopers are bagging more suspected dealers than ever before.

Drug traffickers have long used our interstate through North Dakota as a means to shuffle mass quantities of drugs to points here and further east. Now, though, with the expansion of legalized marijuana to 25 states and counting, drug trafficking offenses are coming less often from south of the border and more from the Western part of the United States….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Bosco

The senior wiener you need in your life.

Bosco is teaching us all a lesson in wearing your senior years with style. The 14-year-old dachsund is still strutting and sniffing out treats in his elder years, and he filled the studio with delight on the Morning Show. Bosco and his buddy, 4 Luv of Dog rescue Kish Hilmert, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a live in-studio…

Agriculture Secretary to Make Two Stops in Area on Friday

Sonny Perdue will stop at the Red River Vzalley Agriculture Center in Fargo and American Crystal Sugar in Moorhead

FARGO, N.D. — We reported last week that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue would visit North Dakota this week.  His schedule has just been released. The secretary will be joined by Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven, Representative Cramer and Governor Burgum in Fargo on Friday morning. They will tour the Red River Valley Agriculture Research Center followed by a roundtable with agriculture…

North Dakota Winter Show Features All Things Agriculture

The event draws people from all over the Midwest And Canada

VALLEY CITY, N.D. — The 81st year of the North Dakota Winter Show is running through Saturday. The event draws people from all over the Midwest and Canada and features all things agriculture. “That’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed is there’s something for everybody. So whatever you are, if you’re into vehicles, pickups, you’ll be there tonight, and a different crowd will…