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Good Luck, Mike! You Will be Missed!

Mike is leaving for the Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter position at WWMT in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

FARGO, N.D. — Former KVRR Sports Director, Mike McCann says goodbye on the night of his final Sports Extra broadcast.   Categories: The Buzz

Here’s One 94-Year-Old You Won’t Want to Mess With

The 94-year-old woman in east China says she's been practicing martial arts since she was a young child

  CHINA– She’s a grannie you don’t want to get in a fight with. The 94-year-old woman in east China says she’s been practicing martial arts since she was a young child. Is she letting age stop her? You decide. Zhang Hexian said she started practicing the basic techniques like pushing palm and throwing a punch with her father. Zhang…

Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan…Sort of

Verizon bringing back its unlimited data plans is like a dream come true for users, especially if you like to stream apps like Netflix and Hulu from your devices

  NATIONAL — Verizon said it’s not just unlimited…it’s Verizon Unlimited. The company said beginning Monday, Verizon customers can sign on for their new plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text for just $80 for one line, $70 for two lines, $54 for three lines and $45 for four lines. It’s important to note lines two through four are billed…

“Pot Squatch” Photobombs Meteorologist During Weathercast

The Sasquatch was dressed in marijuana leaves and began playing around in the snow behind the meteorologist's live shot

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A meteorologist in Massachusetts had an up close and personal experience with the legendary Bigfoot…and it’s all caught on camera. It’s LIVE television, folks. You never know what might happen. Okay, so he’s not the real Bigfoot and we’re not fake news…but the photobomb really happened. WWLP was in the middle of their weathercast shot when the…

New Prince Music Available

After weeks of rumors, Spotify confirmed that Prince's Warner Bros catalog will be made available Sunday.

(CNN Money) “Still Waiting” to stream Prince’s music? Not for much longer. That ballad, and most of Prince’s highly acclaimed music, will be available on Spotify from Sunday. After weeks of rumors, Spotify confirmed on Friday that Prince’s Warner Bros catalog will be made available. It includes most of the music Prince recorded before 1995, including albums 1999, Purple Rain…

Secret or Not? Office Romances at a 10-Year High

To keep things professional, many co-workers opt to keep their affairs hush hush...but many are doing it openly

  NATIONAL — With the month of February, love is always in the air and according to a recent study…it’s also in your workplace. CareerBuilder says 41 percent of workers admit they have dated a co-worker, some secretly…some…not so much. The study shows office romances are at a 10 year high. It states one in five people have dated someone…


How to Spot the Fake Forecast

It’s not easy to decipher our local weather into 140 characters. But how can we make sure that the information we get is as accurate as possible? Mobile apps and Social media have become an increasingly popular way to get weather information. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give us pictures, facts and hearsay from friends and family. But is it the…

KVRR’s Weekend Crew Takes on the Cardboard Sled Race

Three members of KVRR's weekend staff duke it out on the slopes

FARGO, N.D. — It’s the race of the century. Three members of KVRR’s Weekend Crew took to the hills in their very own structurally sound cardboard sleds. Competitor One: Nick “Potato Man” Broadway, Weekend Anchor and Multi-Media Journalist. Competitor Two: Jason “The Action” Cerjak, Weekend Meteorologist and Reporter. Competitor Three: Jake “Stofers” Stofan, Multi-Media Journalist on weekdays and weekends. Competitor Four:…

Eli Young Band: Show Will Go On Despite Losing Tour Bus on Way to Mahnomen

The Eli Young Band says their tour bus went up in flames and they lost possessions they can't replace

A country group heading to Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen for a show on Friday is out a bus and electronic and sound equipment. “The bus just caught fire in the back of the engine everyone just so everybody knows it’s gonna burn to the ground,” said the bus driver. A tour bus and trailer belonging to Eli Young Band…