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Moorhead Native Uses 3D Printing To Make Face Shields For Hospitals

Quinn Kupec is the son of our very own Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec.

MARYLAND – Quinn Kupec is a Senior studying at the University of Maryland who saw the potential to help those at the frontlines after discovering a way he could lend a hand. “I saw a bunch of stuff on different 3D printing forums online talking about the ability to manufacture face shields that doctors and first responders need on 3D…

NDSU Students Bond Over Hot Dogs, S’mores And Rockets

The group is part of the university's rocket club called "Project P," where they focus on 3D printing

FARGO, N.D.-  The students start by designing a rocket, researching the aerodynamics and then printing it out using a 3D printer. The club focuses on teaching the students about 3D printing and how to apply to it in the workforce. “It’s a very interesting technology, it’s fun to use. You can have great events where everyone can just come together…