andy lake woodworks

Amish Group Pays it Forward, Helps Rebuild Local Woodworking Business

three log sheds burned down in a chemical fire in may

GLYNDON, Minn. — A fire destroyed multiple buildings at Andy Lake Woodworks in May. Now a group of Amish workers are bringing out all of their tools to help owners of the business rebuild. Andy Lakes Woodworks has risen from the ashes, and it’s all thanks to the Amish for paying it forward. Six years ago, the business owner Scott…

Devastating Fire of Andy Lake Woodworks of Glyndon: Rise Above the Ashes

It was more than a shed that burned down in Saturdays fire

GYLNDON, Minn. —¬†Andy Lake Woodworks in Glyndon is cleaning up after a fire destroyed three log sheds and a shop over the weekend. It’s not just buildings that were burned. Countless hours of an artist’s work are now gone. You’ve probably driven by Andy Lake Woodworks on Highway 10 in Minnesota. “Sales were picking up,” said Scott Petry, a chainsaw…