Amish Group Pays it Forward, Helps Rebuild Local Woodworking Business

three log sheds burned down in a chemical fire in may

GLYNDON, Minn. — A fire destroyed multiple buildings at Andy Lake Woodworks in May.

Now a group of Amish workers are bringing out all of their tools to help owners of the business rebuild.

Andy Lakes Woodworks has risen from the ashes, and it’s all thanks to the Amish for paying it forward.

Six years ago, the business owner Scott Petry helped many of the Amish rebuild their barn, which burned down at Andy’s Lake in Crosslake, Minnesota.

Now the Amish are returning the favor, at no charge.

“They’re all amazing friends to us and we try to take care of each other so it’s a big blessing,” Petry said.

They called Petry’s uncle, Bryan Johnson, to get involved.

“They made it perfectly clear. We want to help. We want to be involved,” Johnson said.

In May, a chemical fire destroyed three log sheds that stored most of the carvings Petry makes.

He says it was hard to stay positive because at the time, his first child was about to be born and it was towards the beginning of the summer when he makes most of his carvings.

“It’s pretty overwhelming kind of sitting with this beautiful weather in the summer and not have structures to work in and keep things clean,” Petry said.

Petry now has one building he can use for both office and woodworking space to continue working throughout the winter.

Johnson says the act of kindness speaks a lot to the workers’ character.

“Great people. Honest as the day is long. Hardworking and so willing to jump in and help anybody, with anything,” Johnson said about his Amish friends.

It doesn’t stop there.

The community also offered a helping hand.

“I would hear you know ‘we drive by every day to work and you know, we’re cranking our necks to see what’s there,'” Petry said. “We wanted to buy something this year and they said, ‘we’d figure we’d stop in now and either pick something out or order something to try to help out.'”

Now, people can get carvings anytime of the year because the next time they turn their heads while driving, a new addition will be there.

All of the new building’s framing was completed by the end of the day.

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