Unusual Arctic Blast Strands Women’s College Basketball Team in Fargo

The team is using the time to form a deeper bond with one another.

FARGO, ND – Cancelled. It’s the word no traveler wants to see on the departure board. For the Northern Illinois Huskies, it’s the word that’s keeping them from returning home, and here in Fargo for just a little bit longer. “This is the second worst experience I’ve had, but I love these girls so it makes it a lot better.”…

Heitkamp: Grand Forks Could be Vital for National Security

Senator Heitkamp talks the investigation between the 2016 election and President Trump among other issues

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — U.S Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Grand Forks leaders and Russian experts are talking about ways the city can keep the United States safe. A CNN report says both Democrats and Republicans want answers to a possible association between the Trump campaign and Russia. President Trump took his thoughts to Twitter, saying this whole investigation is a “witch…